Alboran Sea

The Alboran Sea is the westernmost portion of the Mediterranean Sea, lying between Spain on the north and Morocco and Algeria on the south.
Alboran Sea as a result of this exchange of water. The Alboran Sea is a transition zone between the two seas, containing a mix of Mediterranean and Atlantic species.
Alboran Sea is the western part of the Mediterranean basin and is considered an important zone of transition connecting the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean through
The Alboran Sea is the most western part of the Mediterranean sea.
The Alboran Sea is considered to be an area of great geopolitical, strategic and scientific importance.
Alboran Sea is an area which deserves to be protected and well managed.
Alboran Sea flows eastward at the surface and brings water from the Atlantic into Mediterranean; but deeper subsurface water flows westward carrying saltier Mediterranean water into the Atlantic.
the Alboran Sea, as a result of this exchange of water there is a rotary circulation, it is also known as a gyre.
The Alboran Sea is the home for the largest population of bottlenose dolphins in the western Mediterranean, is habitat to the last population of harbour porpoises in the
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Embed this Topic The Alboran Sea is the westernmost portion of the Mediterranean Sea, lying between Spain on the north and Morocco and Algeria on the south.
Organization defines the limits of the Alboran Sea as follows: On the We...
Alboran Sea as follows: On the West. The Eastern limit of the Strait of Gibraltar . On the East. A line joining Cape de Gata (Spain) to C.
The Alboran Sea is habitat for the largest population of Bottlenose Dolphins in the western Mediterranean, is home to the last population of harbour porpoises in the Mediterranean,
considers the Alboran Sea to be a pilot area for creating a coherent network of marine protected areas (MPAs) in the Mediterranean, based on the identification of its most representative features, like
and representative network of MPAs in the Alboran Sea, based on specific criteria and biological, physical, chemical, and socioeconomic indicators.
Alboran Sea: strategic elements for its future management (in preparation) * IUCN-Med Marine Programme *
the Alboran Sea" promoted by the Mediterranean Cooperation Centre of the IUCN this is the coordination platform of the GTCAT GTCOT, the Working Group for Cetaceans, Sea Birds and Sea Turtles.
group for cetaceans, sea birds and sea turtles of the Alboran Sea is a networking initiative for a coherent regional approach to the management and monitoring of potential risks on pelagic mega fauna.
Alboran Sea, this project represent a pilot scheme for the development of innovative and exportable tools for getting the logistic and economical challenge of marine biodiversity conservation.
Nautical Charts of Alboran Sea Bookmark this page! Our Alboran Sea nautical, hydrographic, and bathymetric coverage is continually added to and updated from both commercial and naval
Alboran Sea maritime coverage is highly complemented by our exhaustive collections of American (NGA and NOAA) and Soviet (GUNiO) global nautical charts.
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Northern Alboran Sea for the last fifteen years ranged between 0.2 and 3000 tons. Anchovy was the species with the highest economical value.
Alboran Sea (13210 tons) producing a strong increment of landings in 2002, besides to an increase of CPUE.
Sustainable Development in the Alboran Sea”, in Oujda (Morocco) from April 16 to 18, 2009.
The Alboran Sea, situated between the coasts of Spain, Morocco and Algeria, is home to a great diversity of sea life as well as major sea grass beds that are essential for
The Alboran Sea contains many endemic animals and plants, colonies of breeding birds, colourful communities of invertebrates, migrant cetaceans and large fish schools, etc.
Alboran Sea, 72-hours marine forecast for Mediterranean Sea with significant weather, wind speed and direction, wave height and sea surface temperature in the past 30 days
The Alboran Sea is the westernmost part of the Mediterranean Sea.
Alboran Sea of Northern Morocco and Southern Spain Cornell University, Ithaca, USA Instituto Andaluz Geofisica , Granada, Spain Instituto Geografico Nacional,
Alboran Sea and the Gulf of Cadiz (Δδ13C), was close to 0‰ at the beginning of the last deglaciation and during the late glacial time.
Alboran Sea and the Gulf of Cadiz was at its maximum. At the same time, an important modification in the water masses structure may have occurred near 9–8 kyr B.P.
Alboran Sea and Gulf of Vera, Spain Northern Adriatic Sea Slovenian waters Croatian waters Kalamos, Greece
Bottlenose dolphins in the Alboran Sea and Gulf of Vera, Spain Bottlenose dolphins are a very common species in the Alboran Sea.
Proposed Marine Protected Areas in the Alboran Sea and Gulf of Vera, Spain. © Alnitak. For both of these MPAs the process of developing management plans has recently been put underway.
In the Alboran Sea, the species of the reference list which presented a high biomass index (more than 15 kg/km²) were (in decreasing order) Pagellus acarne, Phycis blennoides, Helicolenus dactylopterus, Octopus
very scarce in the Alboran sea and in the Alicante area, but it presented high biomass and density indices (74.0 kg/km² and 6325 N/km²) on the shelf of the Catalan sea.
In the Alboran sea it appeared in all strata, and the largest catch in biomass occurred in the shallowest stratum: 52.0 kg/km².
Alboran Sea and Gulf of Vera, Spain Ischia, Italy Northern Adriatic Sea Kalamos, Greece Gulf of Corinth, Greece
Common dolphins in the Alboran Sea and Gulf of Vera, Spain In the Alboran Sea common dolphins can fortunately still be seen
especially affected the Eastern part of the Alboran Sea, the Gulf of Vera.
The Alboran Sea basin contains a Neogene sequence, up to 7 km thick, formed by marine facies sediments that fill basement grabens or half grabens (Fig. 2).
the Alboran Sea basin is well documented from seismic profile data (Maldonado et al., 1992; Comas et al., 1992; Watts et al., 1993; and references therein).
Alboran Sea basin (Comas et al., 1992).
Alboran Sea compared to the Gulf of Cádiz, which constitutes rather a "coral graveyard".
The Alboran Sea is underlain by thin (<20km), highly metamorphosed continental crust that experienced large amounts of extension and rapid exhumation in the Late Oligocene-Early Miocene (Watts et
Rif Mountains in Northern Morocco, and the Alboran Sea located between the two (Figure 2).
Extension within the Alboran Sea was coeval with south-to-north and north-to-south crustal shortening in the Betic and Rif mountain belts respectively.
the Alboran Sea for development (...)Stolen treasures in the Alboran Sea for development aidTuesday12 June 2007.
Company had sailed in the Alboran Sea (off the coast of Malaga). They said they were looking for the English ship Sussex under a British Government order.
Alboran Sea circulation between 220 and 1100 m depth is studied. Interaction between three types of water masses in this area causes a complicated flow pattern.
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In the Alboran Sea and in the Gulf of Vera, the most abundant reference species were Micromesistius poutassou (325.46 kg/km²), Phycis blennoides (40.11 kg/km²), Helicolenus dactylopterus (39.
kg/km² in the Alboran Sea and in the Alicante area respectively. Micromesistius poutassou forms important shoals. This behaviour induces the possibility of massive catch.
In the Alboran Sea, Pagellus acarne was caught in all the strata, but with a very low yield between 200 and 800 m.
relatively shallow and flat, and in the Alboran sea there is one of the most prominent places for cetaceans in Europe; 17 different species have been sighted, including: the common and striped
Additionally, the Alboran Sea receives intense commercial shipping, in many cases with dangerous goods that cross over the drylands of Torrox and Djibouti.
The Alboran Sea is the one closest to the Straits of Gibraltar, between Spain and Morocco. The Straits are shown in the lower left of the image.