direction of NE-SW in Yatsushiro Bay and Amakusa-nada has started.
the Amakusa-nada and southern part of Goto-nada through winter to spring = *
Bay and Amakusa-nada has started. - E-mail:
Bay and Amakusa-nada has started.
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Météo à Amakusa-nada, Japon (Asie) = Mercredi 2 Juin 2010Jeudi 3 Juin 2010Vendredi 4 Juin 2010Samedi 5 Juin 2010Dimanche 6 Juin 2010
Margin of Amakusa-nada and Goto-nada in Relation to Anchovy Catch Fluctuation 論文要旨 審査要旨 博(生)甲 第209号
between Ari-ake Sound and Amakusa-Nada in western Kyushu, Japan.
landbridge shows Amakusa-nada and the lefthand shows a part of the Tomioka bay in the movie.