Camotes Sea

Camotes Sea - joined the Inter-LGU Coastal Law Enforcement Summit held September 6-7, 2005.
The Camotes Sea is a small sea within the Philippine archipelago, between the Eastern Visayas and the Central Visayas.
Ponson is separated by Camotes Sea, about four km northeast of Poro. Tulang is located to the north of Pacijan. Camotes are low-lying islands.
a waterway, Camotes Sea in the east and the Bohol Strait in the south.
Camotes Sea through a channel which measure 20 meters wide, ample marine organisms thrive such as sea urchins and sea shells. Also, fishes are prolific in the area.
The Camotes Sea can be found on the east while the Tañon strait on the west.
natural gas in the Camotes Sea begins today despite opposition from environmentalists and fisherfolk organizations.
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Its boundaries are Visayan Sea in the north and Camotes Sea in the Northwest, Tañon Strait in the west, Mindanao Sea in the south and Bohol Strait in the southeast.
the Camotes SeaA consortium composed of Trans-Asia Oil and Energy Development Corp. and NorAsian Energy Philippines Inc.
Camotes Sea, between the islands of Cebu, Leyte and Bohol.
the Camotes Sea on a trip that lasts about three hours.
Camotes Sea on the way to plant Spain’s Cross in Cebu. Camotes is vibrant, progressive and confident in the coming global network of trade and tourism.
Camotes Sea provides a good fishing ground for the residents of Poro.
shark-infested Camotes Sea ; and on the west by the municipality of San Francisco .
sunsets of Ormoc and the calm waters of the Camotes Sea that gently touch the Ormoc Bay.
his men had dropped anchor in Camotes Sea on the way to plant Spain’s Cross in Cebu. Camotes lacks the mystic of Bali and the colors of Caribbean.
of the Camotes Sea and the nearby province of Leyte. The above property is located in Barangay Cagcagan which is just 20 minutes away from the town proper of Poro.
delightful view of the Camotes Sea and the nearby Island of Poro. The resort has a total of 20 furnished rooms,each with own toilet and bath.
views of the Camotes Sea and the nearby Island of Poro. ~ To View Cebu and Camotes Islands Map ..