Dent Rapids

My Dent Rapids ETA was about 1515 with a 1506 high tide and Yuculta about five minutes later.
Entry into the Dent Rapids was smooth and I remember being surprised that I was not going faster.
through Dent Rapids waiting for slack or do they just run them.
Rapids and Dent Rapids, which was the same course we took in Fantasia.
Rapids, Arran Rapids, Dent Rapids, Hole in the Wall and Surge Narrows—over 40 years ago in a 15 foot rubber boat powered by a 45 hp outboard motor.
Dent Rapids by using Tugboat Passage between Dent and Little Dent Island.
to make it through the Dent rapids at the last hour of the flood.
to hang out in “limbo” between Dent Rapids and Gillard Passage for 6 hours while we pay penance for my lazyness.
Dent Rapids (click here for larger image) I got to Dent Rapids about half an hour after slack, but this time the currents were favorable.
Arran Rapids, Dent Rapids and Gillard Passage we can see a small procession of boats heading West from Gillard to Dent while a number of boats are emerging from Big Bay heading towards
pass through Yaculta and Dent Rapids and Greene Point Rapids in one day ... so we joined them. Yes, we really did get up at 0330 and get underway exactly at 0400.
Of course, just on the other side of Dent Rapids we drifted for a couple minutes congratulating ourselves on our timing and watched it start to change right in front of us, which would have sucked us
Getting through Dent Rapids at slack put us at Gillard Passage when the tide turned there and we shot down through the Yucultas with no problems.
Yuculta, Gillard, Dent rapids need to be run at slack-John double checks the math.
Hole, and Dent Rapids this day. The rapids are common where the islands create narrow passages.
and raced the two-plus miles to Dent Rapids, finding them at just after high slack. The whole event was much anticipated, and handled with alacrity.
Arran & Dent Rapids is more your speed, tour arrangements can be made for you.
Yuculta Rapids, Guillard Pass and Dent Rapids after slack but just on the edge before it became dangerous. If we left at noon, we just might make it.
Dent Rapids or Seymour Narrows, have been know to suck a boat in and pop it back out quite a ways away when at their maximum flow.
But this meant that Dent Rapids had already turned to slack 25 minutes before and was now starting to build with a current that would be opposing us.
When we got to Dent Rapids they were all but calm.
Dent Rapids, Lower and Upper Rapids, Okis Islands and Surge Narrows.
Yuculta Rapids, Dent Rapids, Lower and Upper Rapids, Okis Islands and Surge Narrows. Always be prepared in BC waters and have proper tidal and navigation charts when exploring the region.
Dent Rapids, which was the same course we took in Fantasia.
time at 0959 and pass through the treacherous Dent Rapids, know for “Devils Hole” whirlpool, with hardly a ripple. Wind was gusting to 25 knts as we made the turn into the rapids as well.
We had an early transit time for the Dent Rapids, which was our next section of the Southern Passes. Once up we realised that the day was completely socked in with rain and fog.