The Genkai Sea (玄界灘 genkai-nada) is a body of water that comprises the southwestern tip of the Sea of Japan and borders the northern coasts of Fukuoka and Saga prefectures.
aftershocks occurred in Genkai-Nada in March 20th, 2005(10:53:40-17:58:39). (Epicentral data provided from National Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Prevention).
the right from the Sea of Genkai-nada on the left. Hakozaki Village can be seen on the left. Fine Hiroshige print with excellent color and detail.
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the Genkai-Nada is a saw-toothed coast with many outlying islets sitting in the offing.
- Genkai-nada (aka Dead Horizon, aka Sea of Genkai) 1979 - Sono go no jingi naki tatakai 1980 - Kagemusha (aka The Double, aka Kagemusha (The
the Sea of Genkai-nada and Hakata Bay, this extensive leisure park offers many nature-based attractions, including seven themed areas to enjoy the nature, as well as the Zoo holding approximately 50 kinds
the North-western Kyushu region or the Genkai-nada coastal region first accepted them has not been determined, either. Neither has the cause of regional differences in the mortuary facility, i.e.
wooden coffins in the Genkai-nada coastal region, stone coffins in northwestern Kyushu, burial pits with stone-slab covers in the Saga plain, been fully examined: whether they derived from different prototypes or