Greene Point Rapids

88 - Greene Point Rapids: Last para on page, delete the second last sentence: The government dock. P.
at 1317 PST prepared to take Greene Point Rapids early, well ahead of the 1445 PST Turn to Ebb, so that I could arrive at Whirlpool Rapids closer to slack at the 1440 PST TTE there.
The first is Greene Point Rapids, and depending on tides and currents you either head through late today or early tomorrow.
Greene Point Rapids stood in our way like a time portal. We sped toward Greene Point against a sporadic current-sometimes with us, sometimes against us.
at 9:30, we crossed Greene Point Rapids at 10:00 with the current still against us and one and a half hour later Whirlpool Rapids where the current was now 2 knots in
here about 1045, cruised through Greene Point Rapids at slack water and headed up to Beaver Inlet.
pass through Yaculta and Dent Rapids and Greene Point Rapids in one day ... so we joined them. Yes, we really did get up at 0330 and get underway exactly at 0400.
Greene Point Rapids (click here for larger image) I kept OB throttled up as I headed down Cordero Channel.
at slack, Whirlpool and Greene Point rapids will already have turned and will be running full force by the time you get to them. So do the Yucultas, Gillard Passage and Dent Rapids one day.
Next morning, nearby Greene Point Rapids was predicted to turn from flood to ebb around 0730. We decided to get up before breakfast and depart at 0630.