wailesii isolated from Harima-Nada was examined on four strains in 36 different combinations of temperature (5-30°C) and salinity (10-35) under a 130 μmol m−2 s−1 and 16 h: 8
Harima-Nada during the period from February to March is presumed to be one of the limiting factors that control the spring bloom of C. wailesii.
from Harima-nada Located in Seto Inland Sea, Japan Nagamitsu, Hiroaki.1, Kato, Yasunobu.1, Aoki, Kazuhiko.1, Nakano, Takeshi.2, Matsumura, Chisato.2, Kumagai, Tetsu.1 1.
Harima-nada is an enclosed water area, which faced medium-sized city named Himeji and Akashi City.
the sea bottom in the Harima-nada, which is located in Seto inland sea on September sixth, 2000. The samples were collected about 50cm used by the core sampler from the at-sea.
was recorded in Harima-Nada in mid February. With the increase of this species, nutrients decreased rapidly in the area.
and Harima-nada Bays has larger valves than any specimens of this species from Recent seas.
Harima-Nada in Summer Author 遠藤, 拓郎, 今林, 博道, 松田, 治 Bibliographic Citation 広島大学生物生産学部紀要 : Journal of the Faculty of Applied Biological
Harima-Nada, which was divided into three sub-waters on the base of hydorographic conditions, were investigated.
5 km is faintly visible at Harima-Nada and is a remnant of a vortex, which grew during the flux about 6 hours before.
to Harima-nada were estimated to be 17 ug /(m2 year). ________In water environment, volatilization and sedimentation of the contaminants from water body are important.
sediment cores of Osaka Bay / Harima-nada indicate that the polluted fine particulate can act as a source of PCBs to the water environment.
tamarense from Harima-Nada were well conserved among different bloom years. Toxin profile showed that isolates of A. tamarense from Ofunato Bay, A.
Iyo-nada to Harima-nada in the Autumn of 1964 R. Hirota Journal of the Oceanographical Society of Japan, Vol. 25 (No.
the Harima-nada Basin (134.6o E ~ 134.8o E) in the period of April 1994 to March 2001.
Harima-nada Basin, both located at eastern part on Inland Sea, however, one will see that the number of occurrence of flagellates' blooms is higher in Harima-nada Basin in
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