Koro Sea

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The Koro Sea or Sea of Koro is a sea in the Pacific Ocean lying between Viti Levu to the west and the Lau Islands to the east, surrounded by
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* Honeymoon Bure overlooking the Koro Sea Honeymoon Bure overlooking the Koro Sea * Koro Sea Koro Sea * island, koro sea island, koro
It surrounds the Koro Sea about 2,100 kilometres north of Auckland, N.Z. The archipelago consists of 333 islands (100 inhabited) and 540 islets ...
The Koro Sea or Sea of Koro is a sea in the Pacific Ocean lying between Viti Levu to the west and the Lau Islands to the east,
Naming: Koro Sea is named after Koro Island. Koro Island is a small island of Fiji located in the Koro Sea south of Vanua Levu.
Diving in the Koro Sea is great whole year: October to March is warm with water temperatures between 26°C (79F) and 29°C (84F) and visibility ranging from 20 to 40
Koro Sea Diving in Bligh Water = A Rich Bounty - Soft coral scenery - photo courtesy of the
Koro Sea are particularly suitable for beginners, but the reefs, which were once considered treacherous obstacles to sailing vessels in days gone by, are now the modern playground of experienced
Anthias and soft coral scenery in the Koro Sea - photo courtesy of Mike Greenfelder For those chasing the big boys, Koro Island's Shark Fin Point is probably the best bet.
The Koro Sea is named after this volcanic island, which has a chain of basaltic cinder cones extending from north to south along its crest.
The Australian directors of Koro Seaview Estates have been living in Fiji for many years and enjoy an impeccable reputation. They have successfully completed similar projects throughout Fiji.
Koro Sea Land for Sale Search Criteria - Country: Fiji Islands - State: Lomaiviti - Displaying 1 of 1 Results Dere Bay
Koro Sea Beachfront real estate for investment in commercial and residential property in Lomaiviti, Fiji Islands.
Koro Sea region - real estate, property and investment = South Pacific Real Estate TravelMaxia.
The Koro Sea is named after this volcanic island, which has a chain of basalt ic cinder cone s extending from north
Koro Seaview Estates is located on the northwestern tip of Koro Island in the Fiji Islands.
A residential subdivision, Koro Seaview Estates, was established around Dere Bay Resort in 1989 and about 50 homes have ben established in the development as of 2008.
Koro Sea, perfect for snorkelling or scuba diving with an abundant marine life, or exploring the calm waters by sea kayak.
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Rising dramatically from the depths of the Koro Sea and on the fringe of Bligh Waters, lies the mile-long 110 acre island of Namenalala, surrounded by one of Fiji's most pristine diving and snorkeling reef
The Property overlooks the beautiful Koro sea, one of the only golf courses on the island, Koro Island,Taveuni and sometimes way out there Naemena.The view is gorgeous.look out over the private pool.
Koro Seaview Estates has one mile of beautiful beach front set in a coconut plantation rising 800ft. Home sites have fabulous sunset views over the turquoise Blue lagoon.
Koro Sea Hat See reverse side.
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The Koro Sea is an area of the pacific ocean in the middle of the Fiji islands group, separating Vanua Levu in the north from Viti Levu in
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The waters of the Koro Sea are known for their exceptional diversity, including a large number of identified dive sites and newer areas we're still exploring.