The southern part of Kumano faces the Kumano-nada Sea in the Pacific Ocean.
expedition by Deep Sea Drilling Vessel CHIKYU in Kumano-nada region off Kii Peninsula as her first international operation under the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program (IODP) from September 2007 for the understanding
900 km2 at Kumano-nada off Kii Peninsula in Japan (See Appendix 4) Width-Approx. 15km (South West-North East) Length-Approx. 60km (North West-South East) 4.
The rugged one-kilometer coastline facing Kumano-nada Sea was created by earthquakes and erosion from powerful waves.
Kumano-nada in the Nankai trough using the GPS/Acoustic technique.
The saw-toothed coastline facing Kumano-nada Sea Scenic spot of bluffs, strange rocks and caves Kumano City is located in the southern part of Mie and
Kumano-nada Sea in the east.
On the shores facing the Kumano-nada Sea, many scenic spots can be found, such as Tate-ga-saki, where 70 to 100-meter-high granite bluffs continue for 600 meters and
It faces the Kumano-Nada Sea in the Pacific Ocean. Uragami Village is the Kumano region on the southern part of the Kii Peninsula.
Study of the ichthyofauna of Kumano-nada, Pacific coast of the central Japan (including the mesopelagic fishes). Study of larval fish fauna of Ago Bay, Pacific coast of central Japan.
In the Kumano-nada region along the Pacific coast of central Japan, however, the trapping of the important and commercially attractive crustaceans to the bait sometimes
at a site (the Kumano-nada region) of 33°-45'N and 136°- 08'E with the depth of 520 m on 18 November 1980 caught an armor shark Dalatiaslicha.This shark, known generally