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A number of earthquakes occurred today in the Molucca Sea region close to small Islands of Gureda and Maju. String of earthquakes started with major 7.
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Jump to:navigation, search Location of the Molucca Sea within Southeast Asia Celebes See.jpg Coordinates: 0°25′S 125°25′E / 0.417°S 125.417°E / -0.417; 125.
The Molucca sea was an active area for spice trade, and was controlled by 4 sultanates.
discussed in the article Molucca Sea Collision Zone. Large earthquakes frequently strike this area sometimes triggering tsunamis. Recent large quakes (>6.
More recent scientific studies suggest the Molucca Sea Plate has been totally subsumed by the Halmahera Plate and the Sangihe Plate, so that no portion of the Molucca Sea Plate remains exposed to the
The Molucca Sea Plate (also Molucca Sea Microplate) was theorised to be a small tectonic plate carrying northern Sulawesi, the Molucca Sea and a portion of the Banda Sea in a region littered
the Molucca Sea, one of the Moluccas . ..... Click the link for more information.
The Molucca Sea is situated between Celebes, Halmahera and the Sula Islands. It includes the Tomini Bay. The three basic forms are all present in the Molucca Sea.
The Molucca Sea is an important passageway for deep water flowing from the Pacific Ocean through the Australasian
in the Molucca Sea Plate on Sunday 21 January 2007 The Molucca Sea is an active earthquake area.
Philippine Sea Plate, as most of the Molucca Sea Plate has already been "consumed" (subducted) by the Halmahera subduction zone in the east and by the Sangihe subduction zone in the west.
The Molucca Sea Plate is a micro plate squeezed in between the micro plates: Sangihe Plate and Malmahera Plate, all three in Indonesia.
The Molucca Sea collision zone, Indonesia Eli A.
surface intersection in the Molucca Sea forms a zone of crustal collision.
depression of the Molucca Sea is the 15,780-foot (4,810-metre) Batjan (Bacan) basin. This area of the Pacific often experiences earthquakes and crustal warping.
the Molucca Sea in northeastern Indonesia, damaging a church and injuring three people, the U.S. Geological Survey said.
3 Quake Under Molucca Sea Generates Caution About Tsunami; 5.
B show the location 5 millions years before when the Molucca Sea was much larger and less advanced in the subduction. (Hall, 2000) Figure 4. Cross-sections of the Molucca Sea Plate at two locations.
The Molucca Sea currently the only present day example of ocean basin closure as a result subduction of oceanic lithosphere in two opposite directions.
The Molucca Sea is a micro plate that is subducting in two directions under the Eurasian Plate to the west and Philippine Sea plate to the East.
The Molucca Sea is located in the western Pacific Ocean, within the country of Indonesia.
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Molucca Sea Collision Zone, Molucca Sea Plate, Banda Sea Plate and Timor Plate; to the south and west by the Australian Plate; and to the north by
JAKARTA (BNO NEWS) — A strong earthquake struck the Molucca Sea in Indonesia on Monday evening, seismologists said. The 6.3-magnitude earthquake at 7.05 p.m.
Location of the Molucca Sea within Southeast Asia Coordinates: ⇒0°25′S 125°25′E? / ?0.417°S 125.417°E? / -0.417; 125.