Nakwakto Rapids

Columbia’s Nakwakto Rapids, appeared in the November 2008 issue of Canada’s DIVER Magazine.
Nakwakto Rapids, approaches to 85-88 Nakwaktok 85 sidebar 86 Nalau Anchorage 161, 165 Nalau Inlet 161 Nalau Passage
Looking back the way I came, through Nakwakto Rapids, at Tremble Island. Slingsby Channel branches off to the right, behind Johnson Point on the right. Harvell Point is to the left.
Nakwakto Rapids had a ferocious reputation and crews were so proud of successfully negotiating them, they put their boat's name on signs on Tremble Island as proof
Nakwakto Rapids is just behind the point in the middle of the shot. View to the north west from "Bonus" island.
Nakwakto Rapids are among the fastest in the world and can run up to 16-20 knots on a maximum ebb current and up to 14 knot on maximum flood currents, with
Nakwakto Rapids is a narrow rocky passage on the British Columbia mainland about seven miles southeast of Cape Caution and then east for six more miles through
We passed through Nakwakto Rapids again during slack and were once more back “outside,” headed back to our own extraordinary San Juans and Puget Sound, by way of numerous stops,
(except Nakwakto Rapids), Agammemnon Channel, Kyuquot & Nootka Sounds, Nanaimo wrecks, Barkley Sound, near constrictions and channels.
Amazing diving near Nakwakto Rapids and Port Hardy British Columbia on Vancouver IslandFor a true scuba diving vacation of a lifetime, you need to ensure you experience your Nakwakto Rapids diving with the local diving
have to read about this ultimate dive, since the Nakwakto Rapids can be one of the most challenging dive sites in British Columbia.
Nakwakto Rapids - For Those Who Dare = Port Hardy Scuba Diving - Nakwakto RapidsNakwakto Rapids, located some 320 kilometers (200 miles) northwest of
Nakwakto Rapids, which provide an outstanding educational laboratory with unique opportunities for studying hydrodynamics.
The Nakwakto Rapids (Figure 7) are located in a remote wilderness location on the mainland side north of Port Hardy (Figure 1).
Nakwakto Rapids, Slingsby Channel, BC This photo has notes. Move your mouse over the photo to see them.
Find out what lies behind Nakwakto Rapids in Réanne Hemingway and Don Douglass' article in the December 1999 issue of Pacific Yachting.
current flow through Nakwakto Rapids can reach velocities of 8 m/s, making it one of the strongest tidal currents in the world (Thomson 1981).
The main sill at the mouth of the SBIC, the Nakwakto Rapids, is only 34 m deep and 300 m wide, forming a major bottleneck during tidal cycles (Department of Energy 1979) (Figure 1).
mainland coast, Nakwakto Rapids is one of the world's most remarkable dive sites, featuring an extraordinary oceanographic phenomenon and a biological enigma.
Nakwakto Rapids is a round knob of an island, a rocky pinnacle marked on the charts as Turret Rock, but better known as Tremble Island by locals.
found in Nakwakto Rapids to the north of God's Pocket Resort. Water can flow at speeds up to 17 knots. One authority suggests that they sometimes even reach 23 knots.
The Guinness Book of World Records lists the Nakwakto Rapids of British Columbia, Canada as having the strongest currents in the world.
The Nakwakto Rapids are caused by an enormous amount of seawater squeezing through a sliver of a channel during tidal exchanges.
The Nakwakto Rapids were now running at about a 5-knot current and increasing fast.
Windpoint is planning on transiting Nakwakto Rapids tomorrow at 7AM slack. The Franciscos tell us they row Chocolate in three times a day so he can take his daily pee.
Nakwakto Rapids are some of the fastest saltwater rapids in the world.
Nakwakto Rapids as having "the fastest navigable tidal currents in the world" - up to 30 kilometres an hour during its largest tidal exchanges.
Nakwakto Rapids is about 320 kilometres northwest of Vancouver in a remote section of British Columbia's coastal mainland, just opposite the north end of Vancouver Island.
olumbia's notorious Nakwakto Rapids is a race against Mother Nature.
Nakwakto Rapids (click here for larger image) The entry to the channel went like clockwork.