Pollock Rip

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The first Lightship, LV 2, was placed on Station at Pollock Rip in 1849 to assist the Lighthouse on Monomoy Point in warning navigation of the dangerous tidal rip current. Light Vessel No.
2 026 210 Pollock Rip Channel Brenton Point, 1.4 n.mi.
4 000 180 Pollock Rip Channel Common Fence Point, northeast of 10
7 013 237 Pollock Rip Channel Bull Point, east of
Striped Bass Fishing: Pollock Rip, Stonehorse and Handkerchief ShoalsFor larger striped bass 30" long and longer in schools large enough that commercial Cape Cod striped bass typically have little trouble meeting
Most famously, Pollock Rip turned back the Mayflower as she made her way south along the Cape, full of Pilgrims who according to William Bradford "hoped to find some
Pollock Rip is an inspiring stretch of water.
click for full imagesmall pollock rip approach chart click for full imagesmall pollock rip chart enlarge imagewaves in pollock ripGeoff RandWhen this image is enlarged, a rip is visible ahead of the boat.
Pollock Rip requires planning before your cruise for the significant currents. It requires flexibility in your schedule to accommodate the weather.
The only reason to talk about Pollock Rip as part of a cruise is if you hope to include a trip around Cape Cod in your itinerary.
AM - Bob Barratt group worked the Pollock rip and limited out on the bass. 12 bass up to 25lb class, 8 keeper and 4 throw-backs.
at pollock rip on way in for 4 nice bass and some blues. BJ Branti and crew.
PM - Bass bite excellent in Pollock Rip on umbrella rigs. 20 Bass, kept limit to 26 lbs. Then nice fluke on MIdway rips. Allen Wiesenfeld, Elie John, David.
Pollock Rip Lightship in the late 1950s.
it's Pollock Rip on the chart and in Eldridge. I thought perhaps the meticulous Mr.
The channel at Pollock Rip Shoals is centered about three miles east of the southerly end of Monomoy Island in Chatham.
winter the cod leave Pollock Rip for the deeper water
Michael Pollock RIP the designer of iconic coffee cup http://bit.
Pollock Rip is the name for miles of shoals and sandbars that make the depth of water vary from 40 feet to 10 feet or even less, without
Like the crouch of a tree, Pollock Rip Channel and Great Round Shoals Channel converge in Nantucket Sound at Cross Rip.
Pollock Rip at the entrance to the “slue”, a narrow and crooked channel where a slight deviation from course would bring a ship up hard and fast
POLLOCK RIP light vessel belonged with Chatham Coast Guard Station and a similar relationship existed between CROSS RIP light vessel and Brant Point Station.
Pollock Rip Channel (Butler Hole), Massachusetts Current is now your default tide location and will automatically come up each time you visit this page.
While on Pollock Rip, broke adrift 1868 & 1873; carried off station by ice 1871 & 1874; rammed during 1867 & 1873- 1875: Sep, transferred to 4th District- 1875: Nov placed on Winter
(1897: Aug 18, Pollock Rip position moved 1/2 mi ESE) (1923: Jul 30-Dec 22: stationed on Cross Rip) (1924: Jan 28: placed on Stonehorse Shoal) HISTORICAL
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(Original Pollock Rip station discontinued in 1923; Pollock Rip Slue station moved 1923 to position NE of, and aligned with entrance to new dredged channel which opened Feb
-1902: Jun 20, placed on Pollock Rip Shoals; a new additional station located 4 mi due north of Pollock Rip station -1903: Jun 2-14, relieved (by LV 58) for repair at Boston
-1913: Aug 19, Pollock Rip Shoals station renamed Pollock Rip Slue -1913: Jun 8, took aboard 2 exhausted men who had been adrift and lost in fog for 3 days from
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