Quoddy River

At mouth of Quoddy River, 25 miles east of St. Martins, Saint John County, N.B. Public Works Wharf Pokemouche River, Gloucester County, N.B.
Head Harbour and Quoddy River passages in Canadian waters (Figure 1). The dominant tidal circulation occurs through these passages (Chevrier and Trites, 1960).
* Quoddy River, a stream in Nova Scotia * Sims (historical), in Butler County, Missouri * Taca, a stream in Provincia do Uige, Angola
Work to replace the Quoddy River Bridge on Trunk 7 is underway. Traffic will be controlled by traffic signals and accommodated by a temporary bridge and detour adjacent to the existing beige.
The Quoddy River runs to the north side of the property and meets the sheltered cove with approximately 400 ft. of water frontage.
West Quoddy but easternmost? That's because the East Quoddy River is to the north in New Brunswick, Canada. Isn't this a magnificent lighthouse? Here's another picture from the front.