The Overfalls

was saved when the Overfalls Maritime Museum Foundation formed and refused to let her die. Thousands of hours of volunteer labor brought her back to her former glory.
Bill Reader, the Overfalls manager of the Overfalls restoration said, “This electrical project was a major step in our restoration, both from the points of view of aesthetics
members want to lift the Overfalls out of the water, place it in a permanent berth and repair the hull and structural ribs.
formed the Overfalls Maritime Museum Foundation in 2000. It didn’t take long for restoration to begin in earnest.
Restoration of the Overfalls Lightship has been an on-going project for the past seven years. The superstructure, crew’s quarters, and engine room have previously been restored.
In October, the Overfalls was towed to the Colonna Shipyard in Norfolk, Va., for extensive hull reconstruction.
the Norfolk shipyard as the Overfalls foundation searched for money to build a permanent slip.
The Overfalls is listed on the National Register of Historic Places in Lewes, Delaware. (See
The Overfalls was built in East Boothbay, Maine in 1938 and first served on the Cornfield station, near the mouth of the Connecticut River in Long Island
the Overfalls Maritime Museum Foundation (OMMF) and, in 2001, were granted title to the ship.
planning and those that may affect the Overfalls in the longer term, and ultimately the need for management beyond any single issue.
The Overfalls is underway after 30 years Help arrives from the Delaware Launch Service
A new home for the Overfalls will be built here with your donations-contact Elaine Simmerman Capt Bruce Aldred underway
The Overfalls Foundation is proud of its accomplishments to date, plans for the future and is Overfalls Lightship gets a new coat of paint
Foundation is also prepared to take the Overfalls story on the road with a PowerPoint presentation to groups.
The Overfalls group also won the agreement of Lewes Mayor and Council to administer the grant.
The Overfalls Maritime Museum Foundation Post Office Box 413 Lewes, DE 19958-0413 Email: Latitude: 38.7779915107, Longitude: -75.
damage in a December, 1970 storm, the Overfalls was taken out of service in 1971, and decommissioned in 1972.
The Overfalls Project team is lead by CEMARE (University of Portsmouth), together with Homarus Ltd and Offshore Environmental Solutions Ltd.
core of the Overfalls Maritime Museum Foundation’s mission “to collect, preserve, honor, and teach the maritime history of Lewes, the Delaware Bay, and the coastal region.
The Overfalls had a distinguished career before the Coast Guard donated it to the Lewes Historical Society in 1973.
storm, the Overfalls was taken out of service in 1971 and decommissioned in 1972.
The Overfalls, above, commissioned in 1938 as part of the U.S.
The Overfalls is one of seven lightships still open to the public.
The Overfalls is among seven of the lightships still open to the public, according to the group.
The Overfalls (LV118) has been restored by a group of volunteers to keep this piece of history alive for all to see.
The Overfalls history it was stationed at three different lightship stations: first, at Cornfield Point off the coast of Connecticut, then at the Cross Rip Station off the coast
6-8pm at the Overfalls Lightship in Lewes, DE. All competitors will be able to tour the Overfalls Lightship Museum after picking up their packets.
Register today and enjoy a free tour of the Overfalls Lightship at Packet Pickup, Friday, July 20, 2007, 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm! Visit www.surfracersports.
The Overfalls is one of just seven lightships in the United States still around and open for tours, Humes said.
about a week cleaning the Overfalls so they can open it up for tours, Humes said.
used to build a new berth and bulkhead for the Overfalls at its longtime home.
Tours of the OVERFALLS were conducted upon request to the Lewes Historical Society from April to Labor Day.
The tie in with Old Saybrook and the OVERFALLS (CORNFIELD) is that the lightship stood off Old Saybrook for many years before her other assignments in Boston Harbor and Delaware Bay.
The Overfalls is open for tours during the summer, and has a merchandise for sale onboard in the Ship's Store.
person and the Overfalls lightship is one of the local icons. So a model of the Overfalls lightship seemed to him to be the next thing to do.
For more on the ship and the Overfalls Maritime Museum Foundation go to
The Overfalls was a floating lighthouse that was recently restored by members of the community and now proudly sits on the Lewes-Rehoboth Canal.
the Overfalls, hiking, kayaking, golf, food and shopping, Kenton said.
Reader said that the Overfalls Foundation has more than 400 members.
happen until 1999 when the Overfalls Maritime Museum Foundation was formed by a group of volunteers.
The Overfalls Lightship (LV118) was built in 1938 and served as a “floating lighthouse” off the East Coast of the United States until 1971.
The Overfalls (LV118) is 114 feet long and 26 feet wide, has a draft of 13 feet, and weighs 412 tons.
The Overfalls Lightship (LV118) takes its name from the Overfalls Shoal located at the mouth of the Delaware Bay, and the four lightships, all named Overfalls, which served at
gravel in an area called the Overfalls, a chain of offshore banks lying east of the Isle of Wight and covering an area of about 6 square miles.
could permanently damage the Overfalls and destroy the ability of the site to support the species and quantities of fish for which it is renowned (the potential damaging effects of shingle dredging are
dredging licence for the Overfalls, which they initially did for the Hanson application, its an unsatisfactory approach to marine protection, and hence why the Overfalls has become a case study
was flat calm either side of the overfalls - and the standing wave was very steep.
The Overfalls lightship has a new website at and is now legally owned and operated by the non-profit organization, the Overfalls Maritime Museum Foundation, Inc.