The Swirlers

pathos, a vortex for the visionary, and an oasis for the swirlers of tommorrow.
particular, the swirlers that the county installed are each estimated to cost $500,000 per year to operate and maintain, and taxpayers will be stuck with this bill unless
Well then, so call they, the swirlers out of the mist of my soul, They that come mewards, bearing old magic.
and the fully developed flow losses across the swirlers of various configurations and thereby arrive at concrete guidelines to design an optimum lance.
effect of the swirlers which not only induce a turbulent action, but also have a beneficial reducing effect on the L/d
swirlers are associated in pairs, each of the swirlers of each pair including a tab extending radially outwardly.
through the swirlers to form an intense shear region and fuel is injected into the mixing duct from the outer swirler vane passages and/or the centerbody orifices so that the high pressure air
The swirlers were designed with a view to a maximum swirl intensity keeping minimum swirler built-in length and large enough cross-section area .
form the swirlers 15, 11 and/or 12 in each case without adjustment capability.
Since, furthermore, the swirlers which are provided for swirling the primary air stream are not arranged in the pulverized coal stream or coal mass stream, these are also not
The swirlers 15 are formed in the form of a vane ring consisting of guide vanes which are arranged in a uniformly distributed manner on the outer circumference of the
pre-mixing zone 10, via the swirlers 59, and enter the combustion zone 12.
9 is a front view of one of the swirlers shown in FIG. 2. FIG. 10 is a cross-section through line X-X shown in FIG. 9. FIG.
clocking the swirlers in such a manner to ensure radial movement of the premixers is permitted.
the swirlers were used to make designs on ur oatmeal 1 of my favs as a kid Product Of The 80's - January 04, 2008 - Report this commentDon't
embodiment the swirlers are designed to impart swirl in the same direction for the fluid discharged from each of the swirlers.
I bugged the Swirlers at the end for their opinions and here’s what I got.
and supposed to work, how a failure of the swirlers can be detected. In analyses after failures, metallurgic analyses are usually always performed.
to see if the swirlers are destroyed? Will the combustion continue? Is any part of the combustor or turbine expected to be overheated? Should we expect to find unburned fuel in some areas, and
when the swirlers act in opposite directions (Counter-Swirl), and (2) the spray area is larger when the venturi is not present and the swirlers act in the same direction