Thimble Tickles

NOSEWORTHY, George of James, fisherman, & Dorcas, Thimble Tickles, received October 26, 1879 by W.
Started for North West Arm by way of Thimble Tickles in punt. Was treated with great kindness by Mrs. Lanning whose crew were lugging potatoes. Had a nice cup of tea.
Electra Jane MARTIN, age 26, Thimble Tickles of Joseph, fisherman in Church of St.
John Thomas SHEPPARD, age 23, fisherman, Thimble Tickles, of Henry, fisherman & Frances NOSEWORTHY, age 20, Thimble Tickles, of James, fisherman in Church of St.
Thomas WHITE, age 49, widower, fisherman, Thimble Tickles, of William, fisherman & Emily SHARON, age 46, widow, Fleury's Bight, of Charles Hoskins, fisherman in Church of St.
Thimble Tickles à Bagg Head y compris New Bay 20.
Thimble Tickles Natural Resources Canada POINT LEAMINGTON Quad, Newfoundland, Topographic Map = Thimble Tickles is a Sea feature in the province of Newfoundland (NL),
Thimble Tickles is shown in the center of the topographic (topo) map, which is sourced from the Natural Resources Canada map NRCan POINT LEAMINGTON quad.
Thimble Tickles to/à Bagg Head including/y compris New Bay 24,600 $19.